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Barbados Economy

Barbados Economy

Barbados is a prosperous island, with living conditions significantly higher than other parts of the Caribbean. There is an efficient National Health Service, Welfare System and an impressive primary, secondary and tertiary education structure.

Historically the Barbadian economy was solely dependant on Sugar Cane, although this is still a significant employer on the island, the tourism industry has now become the main revenue earner. Mount Gay and Cockspur are the Bajan Rum's that are manufactured on the island. Banks Beer is the local island brew.

Fishing and light manufacturing also contribute to local employment and economic stability.

Barbados School Children
The Barbadian Government has actively sought offshore banking and investment, with tax breaks and incentives making the island an attractive investment opportunity. The Barbados Investment and Development Corporation (BIDC) is the government agency that deals with the establishment and expansion of business enterprises.

Flying Fish, national dish of  Barbados